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My name is Charlie Demers — I’m a Juno-nominated comedian and I’m a BC Book Prize -nominated author, and my voice features prominently on your parents’ favourite public radio show & your child’s favourite Netflix cartoon (so long as your parents listen to CBC’s The Debaters and your kid watches either of the Emmy-winning programs Beat Bugs or The Last Kids on Earth). I’ve led an idiosyncratic life that has included, among other things, membership in a communist sect; opening, on various occasions, for Sarah Silverman, Marc Maron, Hannibal Buress, Bob Odenkirk & David Cross; organizing a union at a video arcade; making a cooking show pilot with my mother-in-law; writing jokes with Dave Foley of The Kids in the Hall; introducing Noam Chomsky at an anti-war rally of more than fifteen thousand people at Vancouver’s Sunset Beach; sharing a bill talking about anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder along with Stanley Cup finalist Kelly Hrudey & his daughter; learning a Cantopop love song for my wedding banquet; and, most recently, going to seminary. The various interests, proclivities, and personal deficiencies which brought about a resume that eclectic will give you some idea of the range I want to cover on this here blog-newsletter hybrid.

I am a writer-performer, and even at the best of times, the stress falls on the first of those terms — I’ve written seven books (five & a half if you don’t fully count collaborations, you lousy bean-counter!) & edited another four by other authors; written four plays (three & a half if you don’t fully count collaborations, you truly insufferable bean-counter!); and too many essays or book, film, & theatre reviews to count (I guess you’ll just have to make due with counting your infernal beans! Your precious, eminently countable beans!).

And that’s what I do here; I write. On an admittedly altogether too-irregular basis, I write about what’s going on, or write reviews of books or films (usually old ones but occasionally something new), or I write about comedy, or if I really want to weird people out I write about faith.

For the first year or so of this venture, give or take, I was also posting weekly one-on-one conversations with some of my favourite people from the worlds of comedy and lefty politics; it was called the Full of Chit-Chat podcast. The podcast is currently on hiatus, but every now and again I think about bringing it back. If I got the sense that there were demand for it, that might move the needle.

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Lately I have been making a greater percentage of posts subscriber-only. Not only do I feel more comfortable writing in a very open and honest and probing way for a smaller and supportive community, but I’ve also wanted to show my very sincere gratitude for those who helped get me through a very difficult financial time, when the pandemic made live comedy work impossible. I like to think that, even though the posts don’t come as regularly as I’d like to be providing them, subscribers get a lot of what I hope is high-quality work for their money. I set my subscription rate at the lowest peg allowable on Substack.

Also, if you want to tell me what a buffoon I am — I’m afraid you’ll have to cough up the price of admission. The comments section is also uniquely for paid subscribers.

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Charlie Demers

Stand-up comic; genre-promiscuous author; non-precious leftist; middle-aged theology student; voice on public radio & Netflix cartoons; smitten dad